Closets Revisited

When I last posted an update on the closets both the office and guest bedroom closets were framed out, and now they’re (basically) completely done. We just need to add door catches.

Last progress update / trimmed / with doors

Painted the doors, added hardware and viola!

So complete B&A’s



Now that we’ve gone through that process once in its entirety, time do do it all over again! I’ve since started on finishing the master closets.

Current master B&A


Monster Yard post

Hi everyone! Welcome to Pass Me The Hammer (thanks Court) a blog chronicling the renovation process on our little ranch-style home here in San Antonio, Texas!

When Zach and I found out Zach would be stationed here in San Antonio, looking for a house would could do some work to was pretty high on our list, and we found one thanks to our amazing realtor Babs!


We were both really excited to have a house that had our own backyard…since we see dogs in our future.  Well in true reno spirit we found on that had a backyard that needed some work.

This is what it looked like on our walkthrough:


It was a mess.

Zach did a lot of clearing/weed killing before I got to San Antonio, but once Maddie and I showed up we went to town on the yard.  We took down all of the overgrown trees/shrubs/bushes that lined the fence.


Loads better, but still pretty far from finished. Zach and I cut down all the brush, raked the yard what felt like a million times, ripped out some chicken wire, took down the rotting planks from the fence and eventually had the yard all ready for seed!


We raked the yard, again, and put down seed last weekend.  We had some green pop through a few days later, and now about 10 days later this is our yard: