Furniture building experiment

After moving in I decided I wanted a little makeup vanity for our bedroom, and couldn’t quite find anything that was going to be the right size.  So I decided to try my hand at building one.  I found this plan online, and modified it roughly using this plan to the specs I wanted (2 drawers and a different depth).

Progress pics
I ended up going with a darker stain to compliment the other furniture in our bedroom


The mostly finished product! (sans pulls)


All in all I spent less that I would’ve to buy something that wasn’t quite perfect, and I think with my leftover materials I’ll try my hand at making some bookshelves!

Adding window trim

The original trim on all the windows was just one piece of trim below the windowsill, as seen here:


We decided to add a little bit more to that, and make them actually look finished rather than just a hole in the wall.  So found a design we liked (thanks pinterest), made some trips to good old Home Depot for an assortment of 1×4’s 1×2’s 1×6’s and 1×3’s and got to framing.

After I framed them all out went back with some caulk and wood putty, then primed and painted (a bunch).  A pretty simple and cheap project (averaged around $20 per window) and the house has so much more character!


(Isn’t that a great color in the last row?? WOULDN’T IT BE A GREAT IDEA IF THE ENTIRE HOUSE WAS PAINTED IN IT!?)