Closets Revisited

When I last posted an update on the closets both the office and guest bedroom closets were framed out, and now they’re (basically) completely done. We just need to add door catches.

Last progress update / trimmed / with doors

Painted the doors, added hardware and viola!

So complete B&A’s



Now that we’ve gone through that process once in its entirety, time do do it all over again! I’ve since started on finishing the master closets.

Current master B&A



Closets, Closets, Closets, Closets!

Or lack thereof. When we moved in all the bedroom closets were like this:


The closets were actually like this in a lot of the houses we looked at with our realtor.  She said that since the houses were built in the 70’s they originally had floor to ceiling paneled sliding doors, and as time went its really hard to find a place to buy replacement doors. AKA we get to build closets!

I started with the closets in the guest bedroom and the office, so I could practice a little bit before doing the 2 in the master. So it begins! Painted the interior, framed them out,

Drywalled and spackled,

Sanded, spackled, sanded, spackled, etc, primed, and said goodbye to more of the fiesta orange!img_7602

We still have to make the door jambs and hang the doors, but at least the messy part is done!