Project Backyard – Patio

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, one of the major reasons we settled on the house we’re in is because of the potential we saw in the back patio/yard.  Last year we tackled clearing the yard and planting seed (it sounds so simple in retrospect), so now we get to move onto the fun stuff!  Some of which is actually fun, and some of which is less fun and more necessary.

On the patio side of things, I recently did a bunch of painting.  The covered patio was originally all (ceiling included) painted the same color as the siding of our house (a yellow-ish beige color) with green and white french doors, pictured here:


Zach and I wanted the patio to seem as spacious as possible so we went with a white on the walls, painted the french doors a navy so dark that it’s basically black, and did a haint blue on the ceiling.




That’s the first patio phase complete! Later this summer we’re hoping to accomplish the second phase which is refinishing & staining the cement slab, and encasing the existing support posts in wood/staining them. Stay tuned for more updates! I’ve been super busy!


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